The Hambrook Family History Society is a not-for-profit organisation whose objectives are to promote research into the history of various Hambrook families, share Hambrook family history and genealogy with all interested members of the Society, and promote Hambrook family unity by sponsoring and encouraging gatherings and reunions.

About the Hambrook Family History Society:

Ken Aitken

The Hambrook Family History Society was started by Mr. Ken Aitken in 1979. He was the first editor of the Hambrook Herald, a newsletter he created to share stories about his ancestors and to connect with other interested family history researchers. Membership in the Society has both grown and waned since the early days. Other editors have been found and retired from publishing the Hambrook Herald. And now in 2018, the daughter of Mr. Ken Aitken has taken over the organizing work of the Society, and has elected to focus her efforts into creating an ongoing web presence and establishing an archive of the past Hambrook Heralds.